The bearing a analysis
The bearing a analysis of technology and process the scheme determination of pile is a geometry and intubation technique character as the basis of finish. The mould structure design, especially the design of the mould work part, depends on the shape of a bearing intubation.
A wall often bearing intubation will produce the corruption, in its good inspection and management, ensure that can ensure a good application bearing intubation for value, and in accordance with the manner and accurate method of application and promotion. Produce corruption, usually expressed as a pile of thin wall intubation, present local pits and hemp dot. Bearing a corruption in accordance with the will of the method and the way must be disposal and enjoy, guarantee in accordance with the principle of can surely application, so the application of bearing intubation thing to have good way of corruption. Cap mould part of the job the pieces, such as the mold cavity is according to the parts of the shape of the design. Mould CAD/CAM of the first step is to input product parts shape information, in computer established within parts of the geometric model. Mould CAD/CAM involve the determination process scheme, design the mould structure and compiled NC program, etc.
In the mold structure design, according to the geometrical modelling system established product geometry model, can complete the concave and convex model shape model cavity design, produce the mold type surface for mould processing provides the foundation. In addition to working part of the shape design, mould parts design to use the shape of the same geometrical modelling technology. For the processing procedures to identify the sword go processing track, also need to build mould parts of geometric model. So the geometrical modelling is mould CAD/CAM is a key problem, which is the basis of mould CAD/CAM.
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